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The Le Regain stopover and holiday gîte at Luz Saint Sauveur.
at Luz Saint Sauveur  


Information bulletin

The Le Regain stopover and holiday gîte at Luz Saint Sauveur

Bernadette bids you a very warm welcome to her gîte Le Regain which is located in the old quarter of Luz Saint Sauveur, and which has everything of a refuge about it, what with its "Mountain" atmosphere for hikers looking for a place to stop over.

Whether you're a hiker or not you'll find a warm and natural welcome in this village house which has managed to cling on to the remnants of a not so distant past... "Saoumette, Bargas, Arastet..." are a reminder that it was the shepherds to whom the mountains belonged before the hikers took over.

As you sit by the fireplace, you'll be able to savour some of the region's dishes which are made from fresh produce: garbure soup, daube stews, ragout meats, pot-au-feu and home- made desserts.

So hurry up and come and explore Luz and its ski resort Luz Ardiden, the Domaine du Tourmalet (Barèges) or why not Gavarnie-Gèdre and its famous cirques of Gavarnie, Troumouse, Estaubé which are Unesco World Heritage Sites along with the Pic du Midi observatory, the Pont d'Espagne at Cauterets as well as Lourdes, all major attractions in the Midi-Pyrénées... sports, leisure and as much relaxation as you like!

You can be sure of a very warm welcome from Bernadette!

Gîte d'étape le "Regain" - 1 place de la Comporte - 65120 Luz St Sauveur - Tel. 00 33 (0) - 00 33 (0) - Email